EnGenius Tech - How not to support

Hey All,

Some of you may have seen the posts I have made about EnGenius Tech’s AP’s and my concerns about the company and their lack of support.

Well I wanted to let everyone know that they reached out today after I had opened a ticket 38 days ago due to a truncation issue with user names and passwords that can render you unable to log into your AP’s.

This was the response.


Might be an unpopular opinion but that is actually pretty good in terms of support.

Asking users to confirm that it is still an issue gets rid of tickets that don’t need to be open anymore and opens up room for more tickets to be worked on when they close automatically. It is certainly better then wasting time with tickets that have been resolved in the mean time.

Also just because you didn’t get a reply doesn’t mean it’s not being worked on. On the contrary, this confirms the ticket has not been lost.

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I hope that is the case, but it is still poor support in my opinion if the first response to an open ticket is asking if you still have an issue 38 days later.

If they were working on it, they should have at minimum had an automated response, and at best had a human say, hey we see the issue please stand by.

This is literally the very first communication from them after I have checked in on the ticket and asked for help every single day for a month.