End of Trading Humble Bundle Keys

The Humble Bundle just announced that all keys you get from the Humble Bundle and Humble Weekly Sale; will be linked to your steam account on purchase.

I understand where they are coming from, with some people trying to sell a game or two which they don't want, so they can make some money. My issue, is that this will also cut down on game giveaways. (Personally I've given away around 20 games, so now they would just sit around wasted.)

What are your thoughts on Humble Bundle's new policy?



They've been doing this for a little while whereas of say 8 games, you get 2 keys that unlock 4 games each, etc. Whatever, they can do it however they want. I often buy them and end up with a couple duplicates for the change I toss in their cup...

They give you steam keys when you buy them. You type in the keys, and get the games linked to your account. People trade the steam keys. 

My mistake, that's how bundle stars have been doing it.  Now humble will too. These games are ~$1 each. If stopping the trading makes more developers use humble, all the better.

I think it's good, I've seen people pick up bundles with the more popular games dirt cheap obviously, then try sell them off or trade them for a much more costly game a little while later.

Considering every time I got a bundle with games I already had I just gave the keys out on Twitter, I'm kinda sad now that if I already have [x] game that part of the bundle will go to waste instead of them letting me send the key to someone else :(

That sucks. I used to give away games that I didn't want on reddit.


seems strange that they would come out and say this, there were times in the past where they bundled them all into 2 keys, it would come up in steam as "humble bundle (main games)" and have all the $1 games in it

I have no problem with what they are doing.  They offer these games at such a great price to those who do not have much money to start with, that the fact that they cannot split the games among friends is a silly complaint.  I love what they are doing for gamers, and what they are doing for charity.  

They implemented a gift system recently, you can now officially gift individual keys.

If you have multiple copies of the same game on your Steam, they will be added to your Steam Inventory. You can then send the leftovers directly trough Steam.

Just throwing it out there, Arkham Assylum and city on the latest hundle bundle if you pay over average, which is like $4.65 atm, so higher than usual.


You can still gift the keys. Just need the email address.