Encrypting movies

Hello fellow Tek friends I need your help because me and my friend are making a movie site and need a way to encrypt the movies but can't seem to find one where we can still watch the movies without the files being able to being seen as movie files or being changed or stolen.

I am posting this in the INBOX.EXE because i think Wendel might be able to answer this one for me but please all comment

Can you go into any more detail? There are a few ways you could do this, and the options will depend on what OS you plan to run on the servers, and whether you can accept the decryption happening on the server or would prefer to have a client plugin that decrypts the files. Also what do you mean by preventing files from being stolen? You just want access to be limited to registered accounts?

Why are you looking at using encryption? Do you want to stream the movies or just have them available for download? 

I want to be able to stream the movies while they are encrypted but without having to have all the movies allocated in the ram. it's a website so we want to only have it aloved to be streamed to from the site ip to people but still being encrypted while there watching so the only way they could steal would be screen capture


Impossible. No matter how hard you kick and scream, users can dump the stream to disk. You have to send the data and the user has to be able to somehow decrypt the data in order to play it.