Emulator low performance

hey i got a dolphine emulator working becauz my sister took my gamecube for colige so i im trying to run resident evil on my pc but it having trouble running on it my pc spec is a amd fx 6300 GPU is a HD 7850 clock 900mhz whit 8GB of ram but it having trouble staying a 30fps i waunt to put more graphical feature but it strugiling to stay at 30fps so any sugestion to get more fps

your bottleneck with GC or PS2 emulators will lie in your CPU, you need to have the right settings

if you can go into your bios disable core 1, 3 and 5 this will make core 0, 2 and 4 not share its FPU, this should net you a significant gain in FPS, please use the latest dolphin version

also try to overclock some, you should have some more thermal headroom now that half the cores are disabled

remember in each module there are 2 cores you need to leave one core in each module active so each core can have an unshared access to its modules FPU

so if i disable tree core that make my cpu a 3 core cpu instated of six core cpu and would i be able to enable  the core anytime to make it a 6 core cpu anytime i would need the 6cores and if i just overclock it will it be a bit better then disbleling 3 core or not

PCSX2 requires a very fast CPU with SSE 4.1 support preferably.

I have tried playing PCSX2 on my AM3 rig, but it just is not fast enough, whereas my 1155 i5 2500k runs everything...(if supported)

GC is a much easier one to run, but setting it up for every game can be a PITA...

Here is my PC running PS2 in way higher resolution with i5 2500k and GTX 480.








I cannot even play without recording with my AM3 system, and it is a Phenom II x4 at 4.2ghz.........




some games emulate better than others... FF12 runs pretty well on emulator, but SWBF2 runs like shit.

Resident Evil is a very intensive game, I cannot play it at full speed on my 8350.


I can play that at 2560x1600 internal res on my Dell U3011...

Are you setting it up correctly?


What CPU is in there, the FX chips lag behind in emulation because of higher latencies, I think gigabusterEXE explained it to me.  Plus dolphin can only use 2 threads so having something like an i5 with better per thread performance is better for emulation.

i have been trying to recorde to show how the performance is but im having probleme whit recording dolphine crash so the first cut seen when they enter the mansion is a bit choppy but still is still good enough to lower fps in the cut seen is 16fps for one sec during gameplay it stay between 25 to 30 never goes lower then 25 for some strange reason the rest of the game cut sceen is usaly good just the first cut sceen that cause probleme it weird i will check how my i5 performe whit the games and tell you guy if you are interested 

Sounds good pl9090 :)

ok frap got somme interesting result for the amd min 0 max 64 avg 29.084 and on the intel min 1 max 62 avg 29.558 use new setting to tu put them in the same setting it was a better on the intel rig but on the amd it wasent so bad for emulation i might benchmark pcsx2 emulator if you waunt

Yeah sure, i do not think you are setting it up correctly however...

You should use SSE 4.1 or AVX GPU plugin with the i5...

how do i change that i cant find that setting

In the configuration, oh wait, that is for PCSX2...