Emulator box

Was looking at building a emulator box for playing ps2 & wii games when friends come over. So i was looking at running a athlon 5350 and a gtx 750 together with 4 gbs of ram. Thoughts if that will be enough for running wii games?

That will do fine i used to emulate games on a dual core with 4gb of ram and 128mb of intergrated grapgics


well for the wii i saw they recommended a core i7 so i thought id check.

 Please share which Emulator's you are using for PC emulator of PS2 and wii game as well!

I also want to emulatotor wii games and PS2 games as well!


I'd reccomend a better CPU. The 750 will be plenty, especially if all you want is to bring it up to 1080p and dont' need any other frills, something like DBZ Tenkaichi Budokai runs perfectly on the dolphin emulator.

If you want to play Xenoblade chronicles you'll needs something like an i5. I have a FX-6300 running at 4Ghz, and a GTX 760. Still can't get the thing to run at a proper FPS in combat (great everywhere else though).

What you have going will play basically any PS2 game. You'll have some troubles with some Wii games. I haven't tried many games, but Xenoblade Chronicles is the one I've had problems with.

mfw people reccommending AMD cpus for emulating games?

what's your budget?

Wait, I use a AMD in my emulation machine and it's perfectly fine, what's your point?

emulation for VM is fine, emulation for PS2/PSP/Gamecube/Wii is not

But I am using it to emulate PS2/PSP and using Dolphin Emulator on it, never had an issue with it, just wanted to know why you think that, that's all.

BTW I'm using a Athlon 740 paired with a R7 250 if anyone was wondering.

try running persona 4 or shin megami tensei: Digital devel saga, Metal Gear solid 2 and 3

legend of zelda twilight princess or skyward sword

kingdom hearts Birth by sleep and metal gear portable ops

if you can get all of those 60FPS without using cycle stealing or glitches then you must be at like 6Ghz

Only games I play there are the two MGS games, and I ran them without a hitch, they did dip down to about 48FPS during intensive parts but was still very playable and I'm running the CPU at stock.

Admittedly Intel would be the better choice if it were for a machine that will only running emulators but AMD aren't useless for emulating, saying that seemed a bit long winded to be honest.