Hey everyone, ever had these before?

I made them from scratch the other day and filled them with barbecue chicken, green peppers, and onions as apposed to the traditional ground beef.

I'm thinking of making more in the near future, if you could fill them with any thing savory or sweet what would it be?


Mashed potatos with garlic is a nice filling. You can also add other meats like pork.

mm garlic is a good idea, so garlic, green onions, mash potatoes and grounded and seasoned  filet mignon

Guinea pig  (cuya) or Duck, but dont put guinea pig in unless you live in south america or people will think you are crazy

I recommend this:

pulled pork mixed with mashed up plantains (not store yellow bananas it doesnt work even half as well) it works reallywell imo

Oh, I love the mashed potatoes ideas. I wouldn't of even thought of that. I think I'll try it soon.

Hah, yeah I don't think I could get away with using guinea pigs in them. Though duck would be delicious. Plantains would be great inside of these.