Embeded CPU Solution

I was curious as to whether or not it will work as intended, and as to if there is a better solution for similar price (+/- ~10%).

The use case is to write documents with word/excel, make power-points, browsing Facebook/YouTube, and a little gaming (he only really plays tf2, new vegas, and terraria), and it is to upgrade a friends current PC, which is a Sempron X2 2300 (G2), 4gb ddr2 800Mhz, with windows 7 home 64bit.

He already has an m-ATX case and disk drives from the prebuilt, a thermaltake 500w bronze since the prebuilts' died, and a 750ti. I already have g-skill 8gb (2x4gb) 1.5v 1600mhz ram that i can give, as well as a copy of win 8.1 that i accidentally bought and never returned or used.

All that will be bought is mobo and cpu, but i only have $90USD to do it, and was wondering with this specific use case would an embedded cpu work as an upgrade since they are not going to upgrade on their own for another few years.

Two embedded solutions i am contemplating are

So with the use case laid out as well as all biases aside by following performance focused on the documenting (gaming is tertiary), and budget is it worth it, or is there a better solution within budget, it is a strict budget so even a single dollar more is to much.

(If playing games like tf2, terraria, and new vegas would kill the cpu, or estimated game fps below 30 [which is the highest he gets now], i would like to know)

sorry if this was long winded, the other forums i posted on kept saying not to bother and get an i5 instead, as well as not giving any real criticism other than future upgrades, and better gaming performance per dollar with a normal style mobo and cpu.

P.S. for a comparison of this use case the Raspberry Pi 2 (stock) runs faster and better on YouTube, Facebook, stored videos, and general file use than his current PC.

Have you considered an Athlon 5350 and motherboard. They out perform the J1900/2900 in both CPU and GPU.

I'm afraid a 750 Ti and a J1900 is a bad pairing. Single core performance of that CPU is less than a 1.8 GHz C2D E4300. You don't want that in a gaming system, however light it is.

Here's some Cinebench results:

Personally i didn't know where to start since a low budget, weak sauce upgrade is not really something i know, if i had ~$200+ i could do it, but i don't so I'm at a loss, where would you suggest i start with that $90 hard limit? (with new parts, or non ebay reliable used parts due to it being for a non tech-savy friend, also i have free shipping on amazon and newegg)

as stated in the post its not primarily gaming, it is primarily document a not browsing, also for future reference how do i find cinebench results listed like you have shown?

I would do this, an embedded solution isn't worth it


unfortunately that is to much money, im at a hard limit of $90, even $91 is to much

But it's $84

according to the list for me it is ~$98, i guess i should have mentioned, on pc partpicker i only use amazon, ncix us, and newegg. since i have free shipping on amazon and newegg, and i trust ncix, the rest i have no trust it whatsoever.

Those results are from my testing over the years on many different platforms.

ok. thx.