Elite Proxy Switcher Help

Hey guys so I downloaded this program in hopes to have some sort of anonymity while torrenting and whatnot but this program doesnt seem to be working at all. I input the IP's and then connect to them but then when I press ctrl I it doesnt change a thing. If I could get some help on either this program or any better programs that would be great. :)

lol those proxy switchers dont work at all. its only works in youre browsers, not on youre applications, like torrent client, with you downloading with.

and  youre provider still sees the sites you visit eaven, you chanced youre ip with that ip switcher, cause  the dns request go from the windows host file, and 2 times guess wich dns configured in that host file...? yes those from ya own provider :)

java and flash scrips dont work trough web proxy's and so on.

so if you realy want anonymity while surfing? i dont know why, but  those ip switchers like this en ip switch platinum and all that sort of shit, are notthe things to do the job.

if you not have an idea about what a proxy is, or wich kind of proxy there are, then you better go get some information about proxy's first :)