Electronics repair help - Solder a new micro SD reader

Hi, I need some help with a soldering job that’s way out of my skill level but I’d like to tackle because I need to start somewhere I guess.

So this is the damaged PCB, missing a micro SD card:

I’ve been looking on the internet to buy a new micro SD card slot but I’ve been having issues finding the correct slot because this uses an 8 pin where the soldered pins are inside the slot and not at the edge. So I was wondering what if I buy one with 8 pins on the edge, aling it the way I think it’s correct and use some very small wires (enamelled copper wire, a piece of ribbon cable, arduino cables for sensor, etc) to connect to the board? Do you think that would work? Also how can I figure out the correct way to hook it up?

Thanks for all the help!

P.S. this is not my doing, someone else brutalized this board. Luckly no pads where ripped off!


Apparently they make SD card extenders with flat/ribbon cable. I’d imagine you could cut one down, separate and tin the wires, and solder it on. Or go with a connector and enameled wire. Super thin wires can be really hard to tin, so you probably want lots of flux and a bit of practice. One trick is to bend it back on itself so there is more surface for it to grab on to. I’ve gotten better from practice and finding better videos, but I need to practice a lot more to be anywhere close to good at it. Good luck!


I took a look at one of those, but looks like there are more than 8 connectors once you chop off the micro SD card part.

Thanks! I’ll try my best and hopefully save it!

They might do something similar to old PATA drives where every other wire is grounded to eliminate crosstalk. This might not be an issue if you go the DIY wiring route and keep things short. Data transmission and frequency over lines and their effects are way beyond my pay grade.

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I had a similar thought but I’d need to start buying different things I could harvest slots from and find out what pin does what.
I’m not even sure how the pads on the board are wired so I need to work on that too.
Thanks for the suggestions!

Digikey search may help.

Non refined list


I didn’t think about looking on digikey! Thanks a lot for the suggestion, I hope I’m gonna find the right one there.