Elder Scrolls VI Setting - Speculation Time

  • High Rock
  • Hammerfell
  • Valenwood

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I wanted to start this thread a long time ago. Basically after playing Skyrim a couple of years ago on my PC. I figured now’s a good time since a teaser was shown. And honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything Elder Scrolls related for a long, long time from Bethesda.

What I want to first point out is how I predicted - and basically knew - that V was going to take place in Skyrim. So PLEASE take what I say into consideration before voting. Back when Oblivion was new after investing a lot of time in the game it became more and more clear to me. There was such a strong connection and calling to the north. Bruma being a setting and very important place for the story was a big indicator.

In Skyrim, we have three main groups that have a strong presence in the province. The orcs and their strongholds - not to mention their history - immediately springs to mind. Their presence is scattered through the province and is pretty prevalent. I believe that High Rock will be the setting given the orcs’ presence in Skyrim.

Also, we have the ongoing drama going on between the Thalmor and… err, everyone else? So Valenwood is a big one potential candidate for the next setting. And finally, we have the Alik’r. There are a few quests involving them, and we see Alik’r warriors present in the game across the province, doing their thing. Which of course means Hammerfell. I actually believe that we won’t go to Valenwood until ES VII. And the next game will be another snippet into how the Thalmor have affected Tamriel. Or they might ditch the entire Thalmor aspect of the story?

I’ve omitted the Khajiit because I think they show up in the game for the sake of showing up. Just as they did in previous Elder Scrolls games. I just don’t see any indications that Elsweyr would be the setting. I’m really hesitant to add Elsweyr into the poll here. Just… nah.

Meh… don’t really care as we are probably 2 years minimum from seeing an actual product hit the market. I think whats going to be interesting is how they handle ESO vs ES6 and try to avoid the utter collapse of ESO for 6 months to a year.

There is a guy called Camel? on youtube, he lives and breathes for the elder scrolls.
He has some real pearls on this topic allready.

I think it’s going to be in Tamriel.


I actually disagree. I think it’ll be one of the other continents, like Akavir or Pyandonea, because Elder Scrolls Online is covering all of Tamriel now and they don’t want to directly compete.

But if it is on Tamriel, my bet is on Black Marsh because ESO hasn’t really gone there yet.

  • Skyrim 2
  • Not Skyrim 2

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Due to the intro settings i would suggest High Rock.

ESO gives a pretty good explanation why in this video.

Anyway I am pretty happy that they at least announced it already :slight_smile:

Regardless, it’s still the best time to speculate. They gave us a little video with “Elder Scrolls VI” on it.

Like what?


cocks shotgun

Well, again, given those indicators. As I mentioned, they did the same things in Oblivion. But hey, maybe they just put the Alik’r and Orc strongholds in there just because? Akavir sounds exciting. The Blades have history there. And ES set in Akavir’s a good time to solve the bad-guy roleplaying problems that Skyrim and - more severely - Fallout 4 had. I read a while ago about Akavir being home to some vampire-like race. So that’s neat. And YEAH. I totally forgot about Black Marsh…

Argonians do make a presence in Skyrim, but it’s nothing above average. I still think there’s a lot to be said about the Alik’r and Orc presences in Skyrim. Especially the Orcs.


You can’t be serious. Can you? I’d be Perturbed as hell.

I’ll have to take a look at it.

One thing they haven’t really done is a war against a threat external to the empire. A neat way to turn it around would be a rapidly heating cold war between the empire and Akavir, with the player a Blade sent to infiltrate their command structure. High Rock would make sense as a staging point as it’s the westernmost province. Lots of possibilities for spycraft, classic US vs Soviets kind of stuff, just with a fantasy flair.

I haven’t even made it through much of the the Elder Scrolls games out already and definitely don’t know the lore so no comment on where they should go with the timeline for this next game.

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