Elden Ring Seamless Coop Mod Linux Crash

I have Elden Ring Seamless Coop Mod up and running in Linux, but when I attempt to use the online items in-game the game crashes.

Anyone have an idea of a fix?

In the game dir is launch_elden_ring_seamlesscoop.exe and a SeamlessCoop folder with elden_ring_seamless_coop.dll.

I used WINEDLLOVERRIDES=“dinput8=n,b” %command% in the past for dsfix in Dark Souls.

My guess is that wine isn’t playing nice with the elden_ring_seamless_coop.dll, but I’m not sure what to do?

I am playing it without issues but I don’t use any launch flags and have made “shortcut” using steam.
I use proton-ge-custom that comes with garuda linux. That is my only non default configuration I can think of

If i remember the mods installation in the games main directory you have .exe file and then there is special mods directory that contains .dll and config file with password(use some random character generator to get unique long password with your friends).
Only issue is if you have connection issues with host they may need to remake the game(full restart)

I have played the game with nvidia 970 and after that with 1080Ti

Co-op game runs better then normal one since anti cheat doesn’t mess with game launch(white/black screen)

I got it working, but I had another question if you know the answer. How do you run two programs in the same proton prefix or how do you run Proton in Lutris.

I’m trying to run Elden Ring Seamless Coop and Cheat Engine. I can run and use both with Lutris and GE-Proton7-24, but mangohud HUD labels VKd3d as Wine 7.0 and the performance is worse.

If I add non-steam game for cheat engine, mangohud HUD labels VKd3d as Proton7-24 with better performance, but cheat engine can’t find the Elden Ring .exe.

This is the true prefix path to Elden Ring


Wish Steam would let you select prefix in the steam gui

Basically you need the same prefix and same version of wine running for the .exe’s to see each other, but steam creates a new prefix for any non-steam game you add and I don’t know how to change the prefix location to the Elden Ring Prefix.

BTW I renamed seamless coop .exe to start_protected_game that way I can just click play on Elden Ring in steam to load seamless coop mod.

I’m having the same issue with Horizon Zero Dawn when it comes to performance. Horizon Zero Dawn runs great with steam proton, but when I use GE-Proton7-24 in lutris the performance is a lot worse. Reason I would use Lutris or Heroic Game Launcher is for the drm-free edition of Horizon Zero Dawn on GOG.

Performance issue was Fsync for Elden Ring, Esync solved that issue.