EKWB Predator 240 in a Lian Li PC-05S

Anyone here has any experience putting in the EKWB loop into the PC-05S?

I know the h220X from Swifttech is usable, but it is out of stock from everywhere (or ridiculously overpriced). The Predator is newer and has better performance, but I am just not sure if it will fit in the case..

EK says the Predator is 68 mm thick, and Lian-Li says the PC-O5S has room for a 60 mm radiator. I just measured in mine, though: 68 mm minus the 25 mm fans I already have mounted on the top = 43 mm. I cut a piece of cardboard 44 mm wide, held it against the fans, and there's still about 15 mm of clearance. Extremely crude demonstration photo:

I think it will work.

EK Predator is 68mm thick, fans included. so 68mm total.

Yes, 68 mm total.

We might need right-angle fittings though. I don't think the Predator would fit in its totally-stock configuration. At least, not with decent tube routing—even with the power supply in its "all the way down" position that would still be a tight bend.

Crap! Wait, I'm completely wrong. It clears the motherboard fine but would not clear the case. Never mind. It's the motherboard tray part of the case that enforces that 60 mm space, not the motherboard itself. This distance:

Damn, I was getting psyched about this, too; I really like the design of the Predator. How disappointing.

On the off chance anyone is still paying attention to this...

EK says the Predator 240 is 68mm thick.
Lian-Li says the PC-O5SX has 60mm of radiator space.

BUT today I finally took the top off my O5SX and measured the fan bracket. It's 14mm thick. So, at least in theory, the Predator will fit with a few mm to spare if you attach it directly to the case top (instead of to the fan bracket that attaches to the case top). The width is still iffy, though. EK says the Predator is 133mm wide, and I measure my O5SX's top piece as 133.65mm inside width.

I really want to try this—probably cut the top, so the Predator mounts with a radgrill—but the Predator is expensive enough that I am wary.

Have you tested this out yet? I'm trying to do the same thing on my case, and from what your saying if you remove the OEM fan that come with the O5SX, it should be able to accommodate the 68mm thick of the EKblock without touching the motherboard tray?

No, I'm saying that if you remove the bracket between OEM fans and case top, and mount the Predator's fans directly to the case top—which would require some modding, drilling the fan-screw holes at the very least—that would theoretically fit.

And no, I never tried it myself. I'm using a Swiftech MCR-220 Drive. This required some modding, too, but it was easy and undemanding modding, just cut away a bit of the rear panel's angled section. Circled here in yellow:

Thanks for the clarifications. I guess i'll just stick to the Swiftech H220x, if they are still for sale online, i hate the newer model of the h220x, too many LED's.

I couldn't get an H220-X to fit. Found that out after I'd drained and disassembled it; ended up selling it as a "DIY edition". Yeah, I'd seen photos of people's PC-O5SX with an H220-X in them, which is why I bought an H220-X in the first place. I don't know if they modified something or I did something wrong or what. Fortunately for me I already had the MCR220-Drive around.

Considering that the 240mm-radiator mount is the big selling point of the O5SX (vs. the O5X), Lian-Li sure doesn't make it easy to put one there.

Wait are you positive H220-X will not fit on the PC05(SX)?

I seen a couples build online like you said with H220-X in them.
Such as the Digital Storm Bolt III and this guy.

If it's true that is a shame, i'm not a big fan of cutting or modding my case, i do have the corsair h100i, but i want to be able to cool the GPU.

This sucks...

So...i been doing more more digging... it appear that the H-220x should fit the PC05SX if you take out the dust filter on the top. This should not be a problem if you plan on exhausting air.

Okay, but the dust-filter holder—the "bracket between OEM fans and case top" I called it earlier—is also the fan mount. If you remove that you will have to drill fan-mounting holes in the case top. In which case you could use a Predator 240 anyway... I think.