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eGPU with Dell Server? Low Profile Thunderbolt 3 card?


Ok just thinking a big “what if” here…

I have a hardly used Aorus eGPU 1080 gaming box that is great but doesn’t play well with our Quadro graphic card having HP Zbook x2 (no universal nvidia drivers so its a huge pain to switch between)

and I have a hardly used dell 410 server…

So is it possible to find and put in a low profile Thunderbolt 3 card into its PCIe G2 slot and run the server with awesome graphics?

No? Maybe?

All I found was the existence of this card from dell but no picture of it:

Dell part 555-BEOZ

( Dell Thunderbolt 3 PCIe card ,2 Type C Ports, 1 DP Server Adapter Ethernet PCIe Network Interface Card Low Profile)

So before I shell out $200 on a lark, figured would throw the idea around.



Requires TB header on mobo