Effects of Violent Video Games

Hey so I am writing an essay about how violent effects of violent video games.  I personally think that it has little effects on people but was wanting to see any one else's opinion. Thx go crazy about it.


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Instead of writing about the effects of violent videogames, write about the positive effects of games in general. 

if vedeo games ahd thaty much of an effect, we'd all be farmers. an d kids would be trying to take down magical states and hiding in tall grass....

Well yea i agree with the positive effects of video games but im writing to convince people that think violent video games are bad.



Mao Ze-Dong, Hitler, Leopold II of Belgium, Jozef Stalin, Hideki Tojo, and Pol Pot never played video games. Yet they convinced thousands/millions of followers to kill about 100million+ people.  This all occurred in the last two centuries. If you reddit, one of the top posts today was Genghis Khan killed 10% of the world population, and he did that without video game influence.

People are violent with or without video games. Video games are just scapegoats for shitty parents that raised shitty kids. Clearly it’s never the parents fault and must be those violent video games. If there were any truth to video games spawning violence, we'd have a very large issue on our hands considering GTA 5 broke 6 world records... and thats only one game of many.


"People are violent with or without video games. Video games are just scapegoats for shitty parents that raised shitty kids."


True Dat.

this is like 50 percent of a school project last year

Christopher J. Ferguson, an associate professor of phycology and extensive videogame violence researcher believes that there is no good evidence that “There is no good evidence that video games or other media contributes, even in a small way, to mass homicides or any other violence among youth”. He mentions studies that indicate that there is no connection between violent videogames and increased aggression in teens.


A counter argument is that research conducted at Nottingham Trent university indicates a phenomenon called game transfer phenomenon. A test conducted on a group of frequent videogamers indicated that they had subconscious thoughts toward videogames when faced with real life dilemmas, and more than half said that they would use videogame solutions to solve real life issues. One player allegedly said “There (in the video game) you can get guns. This I want to do in real life, to get some guns, shoot down people”. Almost all of the subjects reported at least a small degree of game transfer phenomenon.


One anonymous user on an open debate on the topic said “in Modern Warfare 2, (The mission) "No Russian", when I killed all those civilians (I didnt know I had the option no to) I felt terrible, and I made me wonder how (a) terrorist could do such a thing”.  The “No Russian” level on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 caused mass controversy as the player character has the option to gun down dozens of innocent civilians. This comment shows that not all users are desensitised towards killing civilians. This counters arguments that ALL people who play videogames are desensitised.


One famous and colourful Anti-violent videogame campaigner is Florida lawyer Jack Thompson. He claims that video games are used by teenagers as murder simulators to practise massacres. He has claimed that "In every school shooting, we find that kids who pull the trigger are video gamers." He claims that studies show that adults and children process violence differently. He believes that games like Grand Theft Auto would cause copycat behaviour in kids. He has campaigned repeatedly against the Grand Theft Auto series of videogames and claims that many young killers are inspired by constant play of Grand Theft Auto. He has blamed the game DOOM for causing the Columbine School shooting, claiming the perpetrators were avid players of the game.


A Canadian long term study has shown that over 3 years people who play violent video games are more likely to use aggression to solve problems. The subjects had to rate how many times they used violence over the 3 years and those who played violent videogames, even with other factors considered, had risen in violence rate.


One article in the Review of general phycology says that only people with certain attributes will suffer from increased violence rate. It says that other forms of media could inspire them to do violence as well. These include music, being surrounded by violence or having bad parents can make someone violent just as much as videogames.


In a study by Common Sense Media, which asked over 1000 random parents whether they felt videogames contributed toward violence in children and the majority said Videogames, amongst other factors, caused violence in modern children.


One argument for and against violent videogames says that they do cause violence in youth, but it is the parents fault for allowing their children to play them. They say bad parenting is leading to children having easy access to violent media, including Videogames.


An argument for video games is that there is no proof that videogames influence children any more than music or television. This can be countered by the fact that the player has an active role in the violence.


thx for all of the comments this will help me out a ton.


Go look at the impact in Korea or japan...

And present that video of Dee Snider before congress.

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I was born into a household that already had video games, many of which were rated M. I played whichever one I wanted. I enjoy violent and nonviolent video games. I always have.

If there's a spider in the house and I can't take it outside and I have to kill it, I feel guilty. Playing violent video games literally my entire life has had no negative effect on me. I find movies to be much more disturbing than video games as movies tend to look much more realistic. I also hate seeing anyone get hurt in real life and I have to avert my eyes.

Any sane person can tell the difference between a video game and real life. If they cannot tell the difference, then they had mental issues to begin with. It's not the game that should be blamed, but the mental health of the individual.