EFF has resigned "effective immediately" from the W3C following DRM standarization

Bryan the Lunduke show meister explained the DRM/EME debacle better than I can. So I direct you instead to his channel

The W3C then promptly requested that unsubstantiated changes be made to the above article. It provided no clear reasoning or evidence for this request.


Welp, W3C just went the way of the Gestapo.


Cyberpunk dystopia when?

Its fine, I don’t have a problem with this. Was planning on hanging myself either way. It’s amazing how many problems suicide solves. It solves ALL the problems.

I really like Bryan’s content when he is focused like this. He does a great job of getting the information across in a clear manner.

I found his article from earlier in the year on it interesting too.

If only mainstream media still had real journalists to report on important issues…


As much as I hate DRM, I’d prefer it to be integrated into the HTML5 Standard, rather than needing to use Silverlight and Flash for protected video playback.


I’m going to tentatively agree with you. The important thing, for me, is that the implementation needs to be open source. If not, HTML5 could become just as bad as Silverlight or Flash.


Just because W3C made it a standard doesn’t mean browser makers have to follow it but they probably will. The bad thing is it will not stop here. The corporate overlords will continue to push bullshit like this until everyone lives like the people in Black Mirror: 15 million merits.

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