Editing build for £500?!

Hi Guys, 

So, We initially bought a MAC Mini because we were recommended it would suit our editing needs. This is a lie.

Anyways, I finally managed to get this sold and now we have a £500 Budget (I can probably push it to £550) to Purchase/Build a suitable machine to edit videos and audio with. 

We reside in the UK, Don't need monitors of any peripherals or an OS. 

Now I know this isn't a huge budget but most of the dosh went on lighting, camera and audio equipment. 


I would appreciated it if anyone could help us out with this! 


If the software will use CUDA, you wil need an nvidia GPU. If the soft uses OpenCL, go AMD.

Build 1: Intel Xeon 1230v3 & gtx 750Ti -  http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Tudor/saved/NKTzK8

Build 2: Core i5 & gtx 760 - http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Tudor/saved/Gr848d

Build 1 has More CPU power, less GPU power.

Build 2 has a more powerful GPU. Both the i5 and the Xeon will perform good. 

The RAM is a single 8 GB module, so over time you could populate all the slots and get all the 32 GB max. The SSD and HDD aren't high capacity, but should do fine for a while.

 Both builds are a bit over budget, but i hope they are well rounded.

I think it would be best go with an FX 8320/50 for the build, but I'm not 100% sure.

All in all it would be 40-50 pounds cheaper by going FX instead of Xeon. I hope i don't seem biased , but the Xeon seems the better choice here.

You mentioned lighting and audio so I'm going to assume that you're rendering out video. You're going to want to lean towards the beefer Xeon CPU as the GPU isn't going to do all that much aside from rendering low res live previews and getting handed side tasks. Push the ram up to 16 whenever possible as 8 will get demolished with more tracks/higher res source. Set the 1TB drive as scratch and media, after that best of luck to you.

Hi Guys, 


Thanks for this! Just to let you know we will use Sony Vegas Pro to edit our videos.

Also, We have a few HDD's lying around so can we use the value of that elsewhere?



Does this change anything?  Also i guess this does mean alot of rendering! 

I do believe Sony Vegas pro can use both cuda and opencl, but opencl has generally better performance.

Also, if the hard drives are in good condition, then some money can be saved by using them.


Consider upgrading to 2x8GB of ram