Edgecore switch with VyOS?

I have never used VyOS, but I am in the market for a “new” switch. Also, I found this on eBay:

Would it be possible to install VyOS on this switch? How would the end result compare to a let’s say
Mikrotik CRS328-24P-4S+RM?

Also, besides VyOS, are there any other options for OS on a switch like this?

The architecture of these things is that your main CPU running Linux kernel (probably ancient, overly patched up even if you had the sources and unupgradeable) and it has a driver for poking around registers of the switch chips, and drivers for poking around power circuitry.

VyOS is a Debian based distro, kind of cisco-esque in terms of terminal, and in terms of configuration edit/commit/rollback workflow.

Mikrotik is more reputable in that sense (even though it’s the same unpatchable kernel at least they try to keep up with some security updates and patches for a number of years after the product reaches the market).

Given the listing is for $328 (and not 32.8) I’d give Mikrotik a shot.

Unless you don’t really care about your switch working and are happy to spend days if not months of your time reverse engineering drivers and this is just a toy for you.

Some open questions are:

  • Do you care about line rate L3 switching. (Use switch to route between VLANs).
  • Do you care about 802.1x auth on ports.
  • Do you care about 24V/48V POE+/POE++.
  • What if it turns out to be a brick or you can never get it working for your use case?

I assumed one of the benefits of VyOS, being open source and all, would be that it was relatively updated? Also, I can’t stress that enough, no licensing.

Yes, very much. And that is my main issue with the Mikrotik.



It would be a learning experience :slight_smile:

Never mind, I just find Edgecore spec sheet, and it only has sfp ( no plus ) and its cpu is only 500Mhz. It is even worst than Mikrotik.

:frowning: I need to find a switch.

Is it possible to install VyOs on a Cisco 1000?