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hey guys, just . we're currently working on some RTS game, and it's not also RTS. it's sci-fi warfare RTS. called Eclipse: Avalon's Gate.

I want to share this for everyone who likes RTS, in order to gather feedback. also suggestions and comments.

so here is the introduction about the game :

In Eclipse: Avalon's Gate humanity has stumbled upon a treasure trove known as Avalon. This is a galaxy full of exotic and precious resources which could help us turn humanity into a Utopian society.

However, every treasure has a guardian. And this treasures guardian is a vicious race known as the Kha'Dari. They are a greedy, proud people, and they want to keep Avalon to themselves. They believe our knowledge of Avalon's location is a threat to their existence, and they will stop at nothing to destroy the human race as we know it.

Gameplay :

Fight off the Kha'Dari sector by sector using fleets to destroy their strongholds on planets. Infiltrate the Humans territory to sabotage and halt their advance into Avalon as the Kha'Dari.

* 2 Engaging races with extended content to come
* Multiplayer mode with experience and money gains (main mode)
* Single Player vrs AI Mode (using your upgraded multiplayer lv)
* Story Mode for campaigning via a galaxy map
* Upgrade and Master your race to dominate your opponents
* Tons of Achievements to be unlocked
* Item trading between players

Build Your Base Defenses 

* Build your towers including, turrets, barricades, and more to defend your bases
* Tech Shop for customizing your race's ships, buildings, and traits
* Upgrade and advance your building to outmatch your opponents
* Repaint your ships with fearsome skins to unlock
* Make your building better... stronger... unbeatable

Upgrade your units 

* Become Elite Fighters or Unstoppable tanks Via the Tech Shop
* Boast Power, Stealth, or Utility to Prevail

here are some concepts about the game :

Large khadari Battleship 

Medium Khadari Warship

Medium Human Warship


If you want to find out more details about the game, visit the website:
Eclipse: Avalon's Gate

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