Echo and cant get rid of it

Hello people,

i have a problem and i really dont know how i can solve it anymore… Ive purchased a AT 2035 microphone, the soundblaster x7 poweramp and the Line 6 UX2 pre amp… now im hearing all the time a echo (probably because the x7 has a microphone builded in) so when i go to the control panel of it and im turning off at the recording part Mic In/Array the microphone of my soundblaster is off but it automaticly disables also the microphone recording volume so nothing is working anymore… i did now everything for like the last 10 hours and i dont know how to fix it anymore so any help would be appreciated…

PC <- Soundblaster x7 <- Line 6 UX2 <- AT 2035

Does it go like this? I have no answers but think its good to make it clear whats the order of these devices


Thanks for the reply masternurmi, i appreciate that! I think thats the right line… But i think its not possible to connect my pre amp to my power amp? I plugged in my headset to the power amp and my microphone to the pre amp… Am i missing something? Im not a pro in Pc’s atleast all the things are working correctly… I had my microphone working in the evening also, but people said i was talking like a robot… With the stuff i purchased thats not the way i have to sound i guess