Eccentric ZFS space reporting?

So I was hoping to use snmp to monitor space usage of the entire zpool. Because I use zvols… I guess the space usage is not reported over SNMP.

This is what I see with df command and over SNMP checks…



Space per zfs list…


I guess setting up an extended snmp check is the only way around this…?



5.25 rounded to the tens place is 5.3. I don’t see a problem here.

Also keep in mind that there is a difference between TiB and TB.


There is 13.3GB used…
but df command and snmp only shows 128KB used…

The used space is what is not matching up.


Sorry, must have missed that.

Not sure where it’s pulling that from. I’ve got no experience with SNMP and ZFS. :frowning:

Wrote a couple scripts in bash and using extended snmp checks was able to setup a custom check using zpool command so I could have the correct disk usage reported.


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