Ebooks for hacking

so i figured i would share these titles ive read this month:

Grey Hat Python python programming for hackers and reverse engineers; Justin Seitz &
Starting Out With Python[3rd Edition] by gaddis

for any language, gaddis is my go to for books. Mainly because my college used it. although i didnt find a normal method to need to use python, so using it to learn pen testing; which im not familiar with. If you are new to programming i would read "starting out" first. Seasoned engineers should jump to "grey hat python".

I figured this would be a good post to share your thoughts and where you learned some pen testing resources.


i also read last month:

The Art of Deception && The Rootkit arsenal(great for C/C++ coders). this book actually taught me more about C security in which i didn't understand before


Thank you for this info!! Totally helpful.