Eating Tide Pods™ is Looking Like the Best Option

Because I can’t find good web hosting. Search results are a wasteland of large webhosts with horrific load times that are worse than AngelFire was on a 56k modem. I tried upgraded BlueHost hosting and the result was part of my anatomy turning blue waiting for pages to load.

I’m initially looking for a host for 2-5 Wordpress sites and 20k views/month across the sites. Considering I can afford Tide Pods™ and not generics, my budget is literally TENS OF DOLLARS a month.

Your help can save a Tide Pod™ from being brutally masticated. If someone can recommend a suitable host, I will make a donation in their Username to PETTD. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Tide Pods™)



Have you tried square space? During my short time using it, I’ve had no complaints about it and was a pretty good experience overall.

I would suggest renaming the thread & removing the tide pod references as it is making it hard to get your point from it.

Since you are looking to host WordPress sites, cPanel may be another option for you. If you are willing to learn some basic linux administration, Linode or DigitalOcean are good alternatives also.

GoDaddy and Gandi also does web hosting

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A VPS is probably the best route because it can be scales up pretty easily.

Just because an offering is a VOS doesn’t mean pages are going to load quickly.

I’m looking for a webhost that will serve pages quickly. All of the big name webhosting companies do not serve pages quickly.

Have you looked at namecheap? They have probably the fastest load times from all the hosts I have used.