Easy Peasy File-Server-Squeazy?

Plain and simple, I need a file server to run on my linux desktop. I’m running POP_OS atm, probably will for a while. I need to be able to access files on any partition away from home and send files to the machine. Even better if I can write to the machine to, but if it was just access I don’t really care.

I used to use CloverFTP on windows XP, but I think that thing was dead when I used it back in 08/09. So, any forwarding ideas are appreciated.

Use Fuse and sshfs if your remote machine is linux.

Use bitvise ssh client for windows. it has an SFTP client built in.


I know nothing of the question or answer, but I like that you answered so that both linux and windows were included. That makes it easier for those looking for answers for windows too.