Easiest super-optimized distributions to get started with?

Considering the new of a possible F40 CPU Minimum it make me think that other distributions have probably done this already. I’m curious how network performance changes with performance optimizations to glibc and such.

I want to avoid living in the Arch handbook for a week. Is there some spin of Arch or Gentoo that can get me running in a single afternoon? I’ll be starting off in a VM, of course. But I’d like to apply to bare metal. I have some embedded industrial chassis running i5 and i7 cpus with lots of network ports to run benchmarks on.

Define -march=XXX at best and leave everything else, you’re more than likely to break things rather than “fixing it” and as far as networking goes more or less only crypto related stuff may benefit.

You’re much better off trying to tune a Linux distro and BSD such as FreeBSD or OpenBSD (will likely be notciable slower than the others due to design choices) but I doubt it’ll be a concern below 10Gbit or so if the hardware is relatively new and powerful.

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You can take a look at clear Linux. It‘s an intel project but afaik no reason to avoid it on AMD


Phoronix performs benchmarks on it regularly.

PS The fedora 40 proposal is not a CPU instruction set minimum (that is what Ubuntu is moving towards), it is a system to provide the highest level binary your cpu can handle. I.e. if you have AVX2 support, the package manager provides binaries with AVX2 instructions compiled in, otherwise not.

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I decided to try out Calculate Linux and exGENT, both Gentoo based. Pretty much had to read thru the Gentoo handbook. Just doing updates and installing vim seemed very time consuming. While those were busy compiling, I found the Gentoo page on USE flags, and it seems like using -O3 seems pretty…idiosyncratic, and time consuming to build.

Then while following the outputted instructions on exGENT emerge seems to point out all kinds of suggestions that act like booby traps that don’t compile.

Plead with portage to consider just those packages for reinstallation

emerge --ignore-default-opts -va1 $( qdepends -CQqqF’%{CAT}/%{PN}:%{SLOT}’ ‘^dev-libs/boost:0/1.70.0’ )

Wow, why should I put up with that?