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Easiest GPU for pass-through?

I have been thinking a bit. The process is basically the same for all GPU’s, but which is the better card to use, just for the ease of it.

Which is the better card to use for gaming overall?

[UPDATE] @AFellowGamer shared a link in a post that was a really good pass-through guide… Well for GRUB anyway.

Using POP!_OS 19.10 Intel/AMD… So?
How do you do the bootpass in SYSTEMD?

Just my humble:

The easiest GPU is a secondary one that isn’t used by the host for the console. Prying the host console away from the only gpu in a system can be a battle. If you have the PCI bandwidth (and IOMMU groups) to run another discrete GPU, you’ll find the battle a lot easier.

Yeah I am going to go for the VM dedicated GPU option. So I am going to add one more card in the computer. I have a RX580 at the moment, but I don’t know If I should go for a 5600 XT or an nVidia gpu, or if I should wait and see if there is going to be anything released that is better, or if the price goes down etc. It’s a fairly expensive card, even if it’s cheap…

Using POP!_OS 19.10 Intel/AMD, so I should probably go for a AMD card, less hussle.

So I’m not sure about the latest series of AMD GPUs, but in my experience, Nvidia GPUs have been easier to pass through than AMD, just because of the reset bug. If the new AMD stuff doesn’t have this bug, you’ll be better off going AMD.

The “Reset BUG” ?!

Some AMD GPUs don’t properly reset when the driver issues a bus reset. It’s a bit complicated, but in laymans terms, it doesn’t put it back in the proper “fresh” state for when you start up a VM. It’s kind of like a “soft power cycle” to clear the state and allow it to be re-initialized as if you’re turning the system back on.

But like I said, I don’t know if the 5600xt and others of that generation suffer from that bug or not.

And it’s important to note that it only affects you if you’re doing passthrough, so they’re perfectly good GPUs otherwise.


Well that sucks, I don’t really care which GPU I use, it’s going to be for gaming anyway, but It would be nice if it was the better for my budget card that was the only option, I haven’t checked up the 2060 card though. I should check the FPS etc, If it’s rolling with above 60 all the time, i don’t really care if it’s the AMD or not. It’s never going to be a part of POP!_OS anyway right?

The /r/vfio subreddit is reporting (approx 17 days ago, anyways) that there’s pcie reset bug on the 5600xt from sapphire.

I’d say that card is probably not going to work for you. :frowning:

The 2060 is a good card though. Shame it’s a bit more expensive though. :frowning:

Nah. The RX 5600 XT goes for about the same price here in Sweden.

as the RTX 2060.

Between 350-450 Euro each basically. Kind of.

Oh, it’s about 15% cheaper in the US. I guess that makes the choice easy.

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FYI, your RX580 also suffers the reset bug.

But I’m not using that for the pass-through am I? I’m using it for the host, or do you mean that the reset bug will jump back and forth? I need to read about this reset bug. I am only using my AMD card for the host, it’s never going to be used for a guest system ever.

Only if you use for pass through. I just read in your initial posts you currently had a 580, which led me to believe you may attempt to use it. Just wanted to let you know that would not be the best chose of a PT card.

To keep it easy, most Nvidia card’s are the easiest to work with. However, keep in mind some Nvidia GPU’s need a BIOS to give to the host machine (at least in Unraid it does).

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I was thinking of a nVidia RTX 2060. If not a 5600 XT. I have to read up on it though. Nothing is yet bought, so It’s in the back of my mind atm. What do you mean BIOS? Like the actual binary input/output system on the motherboard? A reset bug seems more lucrative at the moment. haha

It seems like they are both capable of about the same range of FPS, so they are both quite smooth in gameplay. Is that reset-bug really a big issue?

I may have spoken out of turn on the BIOS part, that may only be needed if the Nvidia GPU was in the Primary slot, or was the only GPU in the system. Seems you are using the 580 as your boot GPU, so may be a non issue. Either way, this was my refernce:

To keep it simple though, just from what I have gathered myself over the past few years, is that you may just have an easier overall experience with an Nvidia GPU. Do you plan on doing anything other than just dedicating the GPU to a VM for gaming? You thinking about Plex transcoding or anything, docker containers?

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Gaming, perhaps some programming using Visual Studio Community, but I can use the Visual Studio Code editor in POP!_OS, it’s enough, for me if I’m to write some homepages, and at the moment, I’m trying to learn how to integrate C# code in HTML5 webpages, so… Nah just gaming. Will be using it as a pure gaming machine. I do wonder about space for games though.

I use this…

The problem here is that I have been thinking of passing the 8TB HDD, for installation of lighter games, that isn’t in need of shorter loading times. I also have a 250GB SSD, that is just laying around on my desk at the moment. So Basically, I have the Host system on the 1TB m.2, I install the guests on here too as a chunk, and GTAV, FINAL FANTASY XV, FINAL FANTASY XIV, DOOM(Which can be played on the host.), NIOH, Are basically the games that needs shorter loading times, and they are 60+90+60+60+75 GB. So I might actually have to dedicate about 500-600 GB of the NVMe just for big games. I have been thinking of buying a PCIe card that I can pass-through though, which i have 1 NVMe and 2 SATA m.2 cards on. That would solve my games library issue, then I have plans to build multiple NAS storages, using Raspberry Pi’s. haha Well back to the GPU ‘issue’.

I really really like AMD. My whole computer is built around that. I have been looking into the NAVI reset bug a little bit and found this,

so hopefully, I will be able to use a 5600 XT without a problem, if I had the money, then I would had saved for the 5700 XT directly, since I will lose some GPU power because of the pass-through.

Interesting guide.
I have been a bit interested in using unRaid on my computer, ever since Linus Tech Tips built the 7 in 1 PC. He should try that with the 64 core Ryzen. haha

Honestly, if you enjoy using Linux and have experience with Linux, you should just stay away from unraid. It’s pretty much just a custom-rolled Linux system that’s locked down.


That is a true statement.

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