Earbuds for The Wifey

Hey guys,

So my wife has some older Skullcandy earbuds that just pretty much went out on her, at least the left bud did. So I need some good recommendations for her of what we need to buy next. I saw those Wolverine buds that Wendell linked in his post here If you think those are a great deal, then that's probably what we'll shoot for. Thanks for all the help guys, looking forward to hearing your answers!

Edit: Forgot the price range; no more than $25, thanks guys!

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How much you looking to spend?

Wired/Wireless or no preference?

Just appended the title, thanks for the reminder; we're looking at no more than $25 and wired/wireless: no preference.

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Unlike shopping for clothes with my wife.
When I am hoping for a heart attack or terrorist attack to end my misery
Shoping together for headphones can be kinda fun:)

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Just grab another pair of the skullcandy ink'd earbuds they aren't bad for about $15

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At that budget anything will sound almost the same in terms of sound quality 'cuz of generic drivers, so I would look into the build quality instead such as proper cable strain relief, jack plug angle, and rubber cable quality.

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Thanks guys for your replies so far.

@anon85933304 Haha, thankfully my wife isn't even close to that bad, and the shopping with her has been enjoyable, we're probably going to do the lifetime warranty she had on her old earbuds to see what we can get.

@Skelterz Yeah, that's probably what we're going to do, she isn't any sort of snob in the slightest with them, so she'll most likely be just fine with another pair of those.

@Giulianno_D Do you know of any off the top of your head that you'd care to share with those kind of specifics, or is more just custom preference in those regards as well?

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These are really good IMO. Hybrid driver setup. For the money they are hard to beat.

See This

These have been my go to for decent sound and low cost. I would still take the KZ ZST over them but if you dont feel like waiting 1-2 weeks for them to arrive in the mail then I would get these.

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Been using them for the last couple of months, they have pretty decent sound & excellent (for the price) build quality:

Hey all, just wanted to give an update since I forgot to early, we were able to get the lifetime warranty applied to her earphones so we were able to get a new pair for ~nothing, and she loves them a lot. Thanks again for all the suggestions, and I'll be sure to keep them in mind in case my go up! Can I get someone from @moderators to close the thread, thanks!