E-commerce Development Mistakes

What are the E-commerce web development mistakes make the customer switch to another site? How can I fix that issues and improve the conversion rate?

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Page load times: You need to keep them as rapid as possible. My experience was to have a 2 or 3 second SLA and if it took longer than that expect to start losing customers. Years ago Australians used to be really good about this but even they expect fast page loads these days… Use caches and a CDN if needed. E.g. Akamai.

Search, sort and categories: If you throw the entire catalogue at a customer it will affect the return time and confuse them. Likewise you actually need to return what they are looking for - even if they have misspelled it, having some sort of fuzzy search/lookup is useful if you can do it. Getting categories correct is easier for some retailers than others, it just depends on what you are selling. This can also spill over to SEO and how your products are found on Google and DDG etc. Even existing customers might use google before they think about coming to your site.

Not looking after their passwords, data or preferences: Even a hint that you are storing their passwords as plain-text could lose you customers these days - so many people are savvy about that now. Likewise no HTTPS could lose you customers especially now that chrome etc makes it obvious if its not used. If you store preferences about marketing and email drops or similar actually make sure you observe them, people still get pissed at Spam, especially when they ticked the no spam email box.

Know your target market: If you are selling to 18-30 age group women and they love your products you will get away with so much more than if you are selling to IT geeks who will punish you for anything sloppy :slight_smile: Some demograohics are active on certain social media sites, you might want to be there too and watch for any chat/hashtags about your webstore so you can respond. If this is successful you’ll need to build some bots :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for sharing your useful reply.

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