Dying Light, starting sidequests?

So I have ran into a rather interesting issue, I am out of stuff to do checking my map there is no more exclamation marks notifying me that people have stuff to me to do nor do I have any active sidequests however watching others play they are going through side quests I have not yet and I have no idea now how am I suppose to start them, or did I miss something and am just SOL,  one specific example is Rupert, I did his first mission however do not seem able to do the rest, that is unless I am to visit him randomly without any map markers or radio transmissions stating he would like to speak with me.

I'm just curious what do I have to do to access this, as it would not suprise me whatever I have to do to get Rupert to give me more missions it might hold true for others, in the main story I am quite literally next to the end