DVI-D vs DVI-I Input lag on MSI GTX 970?

Now my friend and I both have the exact same video card (MSI GTX 970).

We both have different 144 hz monitors.

When we plug into the top DVI-D port, it feels responsive and "normal". When we plug into the bottom DVI-I port, the mouse / aim feels floaty in cs:go. I don't think that's placebo, but on paper, they should be the same since DVI-I port is DVI-D + DVI-A.

I think the bottom DVI-I port has more input lag than the top DVI-D port. Are we crazy / dreaming / hallucinating / etc? We've been playing competitive FPS games for years.

We made sure that it's running at 144 hz on the bottom DVI-I port as well. Anyone else down to test this and confirm here?

Is the cable single or dual link

It's possible that if its single link that there will be a very very slight difference, but not likely...
I think you might be a little crazy. Have you and your friend do a blind test.
Have your friend switch around the cable, without you knowing what port he uses, play a game, switch again and play another game

Yeah, it's what we're going to do, pretty sure it's placebo now.