Duplicate File finder?

I am looking at a duplicate file finder that can analyze files that have the same sha and md5 regardless of the name. I have over 100,000 files and many are duplicates. They are stored on a synology nas. Any ideas? The nas has software, but it is not picking up the duplicates.

You only want to see duplicates that have the same hash, but don’t search for duplicates based on the hash you already have?
Are potential duplicates files of the same type, such as jpg?

Duplicate File Detective will be able to do this, share these files as some network resource, even smb, and scan the location according to your preferences.

A simple test shows the location that interests me.
I’m only looking for checksums(256bit).
I will limit myself to image formats.

The effect is to show two files that are identical copies on a copy / paste basis with a changed name and placed in a separate sub directory.

For this to work, there must be truly 1:1 duplicates, otherwise they will never have the same hash. Even if they seemingly contain 99.99% of the same data, even a marginal difference per file that is a copy is enough and you will not find it by hash as a duplicate.

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Or GitHub - qarmin/czkawka: Multi functional app to find duplicates, empty folders, similar images etc.


Directory Report can find duplicates based on CRC32.
Lots of reporting too

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Have you tried DuplicateFilesDeleter. It’s the best I have ever used.