Due to focus on the Raspberry Pi right now - here is a locator tool to navigate shortages

I have been keeping up with Raspberry pi enthusiasm as I have a pair myself, but one of the other channels I keep an eye on mentioned that the shortage / supply chain issues is really crimping the entry level point. You are apparently lucky to find any at all from first hand shops and if you do they are usually overpriced.

This is not my tool, but did seem like a decent way to try to track down devices while we are in the thick of the shortages at this locator if I need to pull this article / topic down I have no issues with that. I just thought that Iā€™d pass along a neat tool I found that might help others get into the rpi world. As of today though that scrape tool only had a single entry in stock (a 2GB version from a CN website for 50 bucks). Bigger sellers like Adafruit and piHut were completely out of stock on all models.