Ducky shine 3 tkl. Need help [Solved]

Hello, i just got a Ducky Shine 3 ten key less keyboard. Its really great and i love the blue switches. 

But now i have a problem, i live in Finland, so i have a kayboard with Finnish\Swedish key layout, but somehow i must have changed the keyboard to English settings, so i cant type å, ä or ö, which isnt a big problem because i dont use them that much, but all the special signs on the keyboard is on different places. So my question is:

Does anyone know how to change it back to Finnish\Swedish layout?

Thanks in advance,

If you go to the configuration centre, and you type something like "language" you get searchresults, in which an item should be that's called something like "change inputmethods" (I'm dutch, so I don't know what the exact names are in English or Finnish). Then you click options, and then you can change your keyboard language.


Hope this helps.



Thanks a lot, it fixed the problem :)