Dubstep me!

Does anyone know some good Dubstep? I personally like Excision, but that sadly is about it.

Skrillex is not good dubstep!

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How about some Melodic Dubstep:

There's no such thing as good dubstep.

trolling. But dubstep is really bad.

This is the stuff that I listened to when I went through my dubstep phase.


haha so true. Honestly, for some reason 5 or 6 years ago when I was listening to this stuff religiously, I thought it was the future of music.

How wrong I was.

How much my tastes have changed... crazy

I really like figure


must die

zeds dead

getters old stuff (new stuff is more trap inspired)

barely alive

virtual riot

knife party
only reason i listen to this is my friends dont like punk/thrash
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Surprised no one has posted any of Lindsey Sterling's stuff yet. Can't say I really am a fan of most dubstep, and Sterling is no exception to that...so I'll leave it up to someone else to actually post a link to her stuff.

A small group I use to talk with had an electro album that had some slight dubstep influences. Them being small it's hard to find their stuff, but they do have some 2-minute demos available on the album:

I've sort of moved on from my electro days though...the sheer saturation of electronic music has dulled my interest in most electronic genres.

turns out if I had spent 2 seconds longer searching I would have seen they posted the full Phenomenon album to Youtube...Updated links to the full versions of the songs.



EDIT: Forgot Blackmill

I am not into dubstep, I guess. For my ears the most tolerable thing even close to what is posted here would probably be The Glitch Mob.


This for example:

Flux Pavilion, K Theory

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I really don't know the definition of dub step but I thought this was rap / dub step so I shared it. I love it.

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Glitch Mob is nice. Been listening them for a while now.

I am not a dubstep aficionado, this may not even be dubstep but it is something I just like. it is not new or anything.

Needs loudness.

That is nice!
The beginning reminds me of chillstep, after that, it is certainly dubstep.