DualBoot Mavericks/Windows 7 Hackintosh Gaming Build

I would like to build a Hackintosh Dual-booting Mavericks and Windows 7. Windows for gaming and OSX Mavericks for web browsing and stuff like that. I might be doing a bit of editing as well. I will also be putting this out to 3 27" (or 23") monitors.

My budget would be as best you can for as little as possible nothing over $1100 though.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, so if you could provide Australia parts websites that would be awesome. Like http://au.pcpartpicker.com/ or http://www.pccasegear.com.

For gaming, I want to run high end games (Battlefield 4, etc) on High, if not better.

A 1TB HDD will be enough and maybe a 128 (or 256) GB SSD.

If you could show the prices of each part and the website you would buy them for that price that would be fantastic. Also, I really want a good looking case like the white Bitfenix Prodigy or that type of style.

If you need any more info just ask :) .

Thanks :)

Unfortunately due to the way the Macintosh is designed, the OS can only be run and installed on specific hardware (except for virtulization).

Tony Mac x86 has lots of handy information on building a hackintosh and outlines compatible hardware.

Have a sift through this page there should be a combo in there to fit your needs. Obviously if you are gaming on windows, lean towards a more powerful GPU. An i5 is good for gaming, although if you do editing regularly, go towards the i7.

yes it works on intel only, and the best compatible motherboards are from gigabyte.

But i think its gonne be hard to fit everything into your budget, since the Aus prices are  much higher then US.

Best i could for a hack in tosh compatible build, with some editing skills. in a bitfernix prodigy case.


If you just forget the whole  hackintosh thing:


I hackintoshed my RIVBe.

who cares ?


For that price you might as well hackintosh, its only $20 more for the better hackintoshable build

Anyone who thinks that it is only possible to hack gigabyte mobos.

i know that, most Asus boards are also compatible with hackintosh but they are mostly more expensive you know ☺

It is still the easiest to hackintosh a Gigabyte motherboard.

well im not completly sure how OSX mavericks supports Radeon cards.  thats something that i still need to investigate.

Since i know for sure that Nvidia cards are supported, thats the reason why i add a GTX770 in the hackintosh build. if Radeon cards are also fully supported, then i would definitely go with the second build with R9-280X, because in most games, the 280X is slightly better on the GTX770. also the 280X comes with more Vram, and that can be handy in games, that have tons of mods

The new Mac Pro has downgraded W7000's in it so I'd assume Radeon cards would be supported.

Well if thats the case, and the radeon drivers are fully supported, then i would go for my second build with R9-280X.  The card is also cheaper in Australia. and it performs better in most games then a GTX770 2GB.

Keep saying that its still a pitty that there is no real time AMD kernel patch for OSX, to make it possible, to run OSX on an AMD cpu, unfortunatly, this is only possible in vm-ware.


I did all little research on the 280x's compatibility and it is confirmed to work with the Asus version, but the Gigabyte you has reported problems. 

i had the Msi 280X if im right ☺