Dual Monitor KVM switch issue

Current setup
OS: manjaro KDE Plasma
Dual GPU: Radeon 5500 running linux (Both displays are connected to this card, with the primary display switched through the L1 KVM switch)
Nvidia 1080 (Running the Windows VM)

Hi, I have a bit of an odd issue when switching display outputs with the L1T DP 1.4 switch.

I currently have a dual monitor setup with my primary monitor set to switch between linux and my Windows VM. The expected behavior (and what it was doing until now) is that when I switched to the Windows VM, Linux would automatically set my secondary monitor as my “primary” and when I switch back, it would remember the previous setup and restore my dual monitor configuration.

Now when I switch displays it doesn’t auto switch the displays back. Linux sees the display, and when I open the display configuration I can enable it and set it as my primary display manually, but it doesn’t restore the previous setup automatically.

HOWEVER if I have the displays configured how I want them, physically unplug the monitor and re-plug it back in I get the desired behavior of it restoring the display configuration.

The change I made that caused this is I updated to nvidia-455xx drivers. If I uninstall the drivers and switch display outputs using the L1 KVM switch with the drivers uninstalled it behaves correctly. As soon as I reinstall the nvidia-455xx drivers the bad behavior returns.

I am a Linux newbie so if I have left out any vital information I apologize!

I dont know anything about the application, but i would delete the default xorg configuration. Note that after you do this, startx will either relaunch with a default configuration or it will fail to start xorg.

After you delete the default xorg configuration file, use nvidia-xconfig to regenerate a new configuration.

The nvidia-setting program edits the file by default for you.

This should solve your issue.

Best Regards,

So that actually broke it in a way that led me to the solution!
I have two xorg.conf’s that I switch, one allowing for an xorg server on my nvidia card to use PRIME render offloading for linux gaming and without so I can use the card for my VM.
The bad behavior only presents itself whenever I have xorg running on the nvidia card, which ends up being a non-issue since I can’t have a windows VM to switch to if I have xorg on the nvidia card!

Thanks for the help!