Dual monitor help

So I am trying to set up dual monitors finally.
So when going into properties you are supposed to see monitor 1 and monitor 2.
For some reason my pc notices it as 1 monitor and it stretches the shit out of it and it looks terrible.

In nvidia control panel it only lets me stretch it out or clone it (useless)

I wanted to set my monitor where my main samsung has a game running
and the other 19 in like a music player and steam chat etc..

I want my task bar on one screen not both.

and it will not let me set the resolutions for either monitor

I cant figure it out.

They are completely different monitors one is a samsung 23 2333sw the other is a lg 19 (square)
Please help thanks

this is what i mean

Uhhhm.. nvidia control panel should be able to do that pretty fine..

I've been in nvida controll panel for the past 3 hours
all it lets me do is
clone (useless)

and nothing else
why dose every one else control panel look different then mine

i reinstalled drivers
its all gud

Good because i would of been NO help haha

Good because i would of been NO help haha