Dual Monitor GPU core clock maxed out

Hey, wondering if you could help me considering you guys obviously have multi-monitor configurations.

I got two 1080p monitors, one being a normal 60hz, the other being a Asus 144hz monitor (got recently).
I've been noticing that while I have both monitors plugged into my GPU, even on 0% GPU usage (so idle), I'm getting like max core clock. Constantly.

I messed around lower refresh rates, resolutions, only using one monitor etc. It's only a problem when I have both monitors at 1080p, and the Asus one at 120+ hz that my GPU core clocks go crazy.

It's causing a lot of heat, power consumption, and noise so it's kind of bugging me. 

Is this normal? If not is there an easy fix (other than lowering my refresh rate)?

AMD cards usually do this and it's normal. Technically it's up to the driver and they didn't alway do this, but in the past there were issues with multi monitor picture artifacts so they changed it. I hope they can tweak it back somewhat, even if stability is king. I've read it behaves differently when using only Display Port connectors, but that is little comfort. ;)