Dual gpu list(s) and where to buy?

hello there well im not good at staring this kind of thing asking about dual gpu's but i've grown fascinated by them over the past few years. i currently have a 295x2 and im loving it and well now i want to just have a shelf of dual gpu's and things of the sort i have googled and looked on ebay and things but the farther i go back in time the harder it is to find these.
how does one find cards like old voodoo cards just for display and things like that?
i have:
1. 295x2 power color (in use)
2. 7990 msi (works coil whine)
3. 6990 [pcb only] (dead card)
4. 4870x2 (dead card)
5. fury maxx (dead card)
i am looking for nvidia cards but they are hard to find older ones and the newer ones are very very expensive on ebay

Patience and connections. I acquired my first Voodoo 5 by talking to a collector, he let me have it for $50. The second I found for $5 in a bin at a PC recycling shop.

As for the list:

Obsidian 3D X-24 - Dual Voodoo 2 2000
XGI Volari V8 Duo
Quantum3D anything. Founded by the 3Dfx guys, usually quad to octo-chip cards.
Radeon X1600 Dual (they pop up every now and then)
Radeon HD 3870x2
Radeon HD 4850x2
Radeon HD 4670x2 (Made by Visiontek)
Radeon HD 6870x2 (Made by PowerColor)
Radeon HD 5970
Radeon HD 5950 (ENG Samples only, rare)
GeForce 6600 GT Dual (Made by ASUS I think)
GeForce 7900 GX2 (Longer PCB)
GeForce 7950 GX2 (Shorter PCB)
GeForce GTX 460 2Win (Made by EVGA)
GeForce GTX 560 Ti 2Win (Made by EVGA)

And more that I'll add when I'm not on the phone.

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THANK YOU this i've seen a list but it isn't this more on like who makes them and a bit of history

Most of the history and info on those cards can be found just with a google search, thankfully. To expand the list really quickly:

GTX 295 V1 (Two boards, one heatsink)
GTX 295 V2 (One board, two heatsinks, centeral fan)
GTX 275 Co-Op (GTX 275 with a GTS 250 on half the PCB for PhysX. Uses GTX 295 V2 cooler.)
9800 GX2
Radeon 7000 "MAXX" (Made by Sapphire in extremely limited quantities)
XFX Radeon HD 5970 Black Edition Limited (999 made, first use of the 6990's eventual PCB and cooler design.)
ASUS MARS GTX 295 (999 made, 4GB of VRAM and an insane heatsink.)
ASUS ARES Radeon HD 5870x2 (Another limited run card. They pop up sometimes still.)

I cannot really think of more. Still on my phone so I'm just going off memory.

If you want a VooDoo 5 5500 I have one that some douchecanoe stripped the heatsinks off of. It still works but it's not good to run it without the cooling. PM me if you're interested.

GTX Titan Z

If you want limited edition Nvidia dual GPU cards, then you need to look into ASUS Mars I and Mars II cards.

Only a 1000 of each were made and they are exceptionally rare.

Mars 1 was a dual PCB card, and had a pair of GTX 285s with 2GB of Vram for each GPU, for a total Vram of 4GB. These were fully unlocked 285 cores with 512 bit memory bus, unlike Nvidia's own GTX 295 which had a bus width of 448 bit and only 896 MB of Vram per GPU.

Mars 2 was a pair of GTX 580s.

They have also made Ares I, II, and III but those are AMD dual GPU cards

Thanks guys this is gonna help a lot but buying these just for display is still the challenge im not picky ill buy dead cards for this if it works awesome! but collecting these for display is going to be so hard