Dual-Boot in a VM?

Hey Guys,
So I am dual-booting Linux and Windows on separate HDDs, and I was wondering if you could run a VM of windows in Linux. Differently. I am thinking of using the actual windows that is currently on the system in the VM. Including files, setup, etc. Basically the same, but in a VM. Is this doable, or do I need to start fresh?
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I think you could convert the windows install to a vm but then you wouldn't be able to boot in to it normally again.

Probably easier just to create the VM and put the files you want onto it

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+1 to this. Converting a normal HDD into a VHD would probably involve some serious scheming with partition sizing, and you'd probably run into some interesting graphics driver issues. You'd be much better suited to use one of those Windows migration tools (I forgot what they're called and I'm typing this from Linux or I'd look) that Microsoft intended for when people got a new PC and needed to move all their files. Then you get everything you want and nothing you dont.

Yes, it's very doable. What you can do is use this utility from Microsoft called Disk2vhd to convert your current running windows installation to a virtual disk, this wont destroy or alter your current running windows in any way. You can then save that virtual disk on an external HDD and then use it in something such as qemu-kvm or virtualbox on your Linux installation and use your windows exactly how you were previously.

Please note, you wont be able to game unless you set up gpu passthrough on qemu-kvm which requires a fair bit of work and tinkering, as well as a second dedicated GPU

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Yeah righto, thanks alot guys, I will try it when I have a little time on my hands.

Sorry to wake the dead but…

Would the same apply in reverse? I have SteamOS installed on a small 64GB SSD and my primary OS in Win10; installed on another SSD. I would love to be able to have the option of running SteamOS via windows in VM AND still be able to boot to SteamOS and run my Win10 install in VM too. Possible?