DT880 Pro Vs. ATH-AD900X?

Oddly enough, I tried out a pair of DT880s right before the review video on them. They seem like pretty good headphones, though I was using my phone as a source unamplified so I didn't get the full experience with them. The other pair of 'phones in my price range that have caught my attention are Audio Technica ATH-AD900Xs. These I haven't tried out at all but they look pretty freakin' sweet and I know AT is a pretty reputable brand. Can anyone shed any light on one or the other?

This will mainly depend on your music preference i think. DT880 is semi open and has a good bass response from what i hear. The AD900x is fully open, so it'll have better soundstage but they are bass light. I've only heard the ad700x and i really liked, it suits my music preferences. Ive read on some forums that the ad900x isn't worth the extra money and isn't as good as the ad700x in terms of instrument seperation, so keep that in mind.

Best to try them before you buy as this is very subjective

Thanks for the insight. I keep looking in electronics stores to see if they carry AT products so I could give them a try, no luck so far. Best Buy only carries the "big name" companies (Beats, Bose, etc.) and Guitar Center had the BD 880s I tried. Guess I'll have to make a voyage to Fry's electronics on my next day off.

Yeah that'll be the best thing to do. Also check out the AKG k702 if possible, its within the same price range. I am considering buying that once i get the $$$

Some feedback on the ATH-AD900x would be very nice. I'm thinking about buying them as well. But what is this I'm hearing about them being worse than the AD700x? I heard that the ATH-AD 900x sound a bit warmer and that they have more bass, but is the soundstage really worse? I'm just looking for clarity, a bit of bass and a big soundtage so I was thinking that the AD900x would probably be a good choice.

I haven't read anywhere that they are worse than the AD700X. I've only read that they have a bit more bass over the AD900. I have the AD900 and they are damn nice. I had Grado sr60's before these which definitely had a warm sound and slightly muddy. The AD900 sound nice and open with good separation and clarity. Here is a good review of the AD900x comparing them to a few other models http://forum.notebookreview.com/accessories/708449-audio-technica-ath-ad900x-review.html