Dt 990 pro for gaming?

that is why i am personally considering buying a used pair of DT 990 Pro 250ohm. it is cheaper, and they likely have some hours of use.

The only downside to that is the earmuffs area made of some synthetic skin like thing that makes it feels like strapping two bunnies to your head. They suck up sweat very willingly. I would probably get a new pair of those to go with the purchase.

most definitely lol

I bought the closed back DT770's and love them so far, been a couple months. I love the soft bunnies strapped to my ears, and the noise isolation for a noisy family is epic.

My first Beyerdynamic's but the quality seems to be there for sure.

I got some 770's on the way. Can't wait to get them. Will be epic to travel with.

I'm having this problem.

My ear cushions smell really bad..... I'm going to have to buy some aftermarket ones.

You can get them from BD if you want the original.

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