Dsl Internet Problem?

Ok, i have 2 phones lines in my house and both have internet on them from ATT. One line works perfectly, on the other line it detects the DSL signal but the internet light on the modem doesnt come on and windows has the yellow marker on the LAN symbol at the bottom.  According to the modem manual no internet light means adsl conncection is not present.  Any thoughts, could it be a ATT problem?

Try doing the old switcharoo trick with the phone lines. That might work

tried that didnt work...when i run the windows 7 diagnostic it says DNS server isnt respsonding.  

Did you reset the modem?

yep, works perfect on my moms phone line, mine doesnt.  internet light stays off on mine but the DSL is solid green.

do you have two seperate phone numbers? if both lines are different numbers, only one will work. If you cant get the other to work, put it on the working line and use two routers (dual-band recommended) and set up a wireless bridge.

make sure you dont have a filter on the line that it is not working on.