Dropping out of college and going for certs? crippling derperssion

https://www.usa.gov/replace-vital-documents you can replace those documents if need be. Take them in the middle of the night if you must.

For bank, talk to your employer or whoever is giving the check. open a new account under your name and tell them to deposit it there instead


hi 911 my parents are the government in the book 1984

Either way you know your own situation best, so itll be up to you to figure out how to get out.

All ill say is that it probably wont get better unless you find a way out.

Best of luck with it man

Yeah, get out of there first. If you have some money, you can do it.

When I was younger, I worked at a call center between college courses. They were always hiring, and they paid well over minimum wage. One day I came in late and they didn’t have a station for me and told me to go home. I saw that IT was deploying new stations. I told them I could crimp RJ45 and RJ11 and I worked the whole night with IT wiring up the new workstations. I was working a summer during college, but they told me they would have put me full time on the spot if I hadn’t been seasonal part-time.

So based on my personal experienct, my advice is:

Find an entry level job (call center/level 1 tech support are good options) and then try to get into a situation where you can sustain yourself. Jump at any opportunity to show your worth. Once you feel relatively stable, look into things like certifications. If you’re good with network stuff, a CCNA can be less than a year away if not sooner. A friend of mine got a job at Amazon (AWS) after just 2 years as an entry-level network tech at a small business. Now he has guaranteed over $100k of Amazon stock after 2 years there.

I know you feel totally fucked now, but you can turn it around. I’ve seen it happen many times.

If my parents were to do that, I would probably go nuclear on them.

As others have told you allready, get the hell out of there!
Best of Luck to you!

get a a burner phone until you can afford you own phone/plan .

if you are over 18 (you are in college, im assuming so) you can simply notify the local police or sheriffs dept you are leaving a abusive home voluntarily, you are over 18, and that should stop any missing persons report.

abuse as this often leads the the child becoming addicted to various street drugs/alcohol. stay away from those. legit prescribed to you drugs by a doctor should be taken as per the doctor’s instructions (excepting severe side effects, consult your doctor on these).

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ez enough

yea ive seen enough people do stupid shit / die.

spent the entire summer in my room reading the cisco 101-201 books

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i could just see where i get as a redbubblle artist.
I HAVE a college web design degree certificate. one gold star.

luckily theyre inane enough that their computer illiterate… they just use the carrier locater.
using a linux filesystem on a flashdrive is enough for them to call it broken when they plug it into windows xp

im so confused to how i am less retarded than my more retarded parents.
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ever get crippling depression to the point where you pass that state of crying, loose interest in everything … Rest of quote

Yeah, been there. Still kind of am. It got to breaking point and I was recommended to get help from a friend who rang my parents after we talked (I knew he was going to he told me as much). I did and now am on medication for it, it is worlds better now but not perfect. Still have the underlying cause eating me, which is not the same as your story but definitely similar.

When you get the time, I know I know, and are on your own feet check out the options, it can take a while if there are side effects to find the right thing for you but it is worth it.

Best of luck in everything. I can sympathise completely and that worries me a little.

I qualified the previous semester for intern opportunity at yale with an immaculate gpa but the fucking sitch now is nothing anymore since i basically fell behind all my major assignments including midterms for the semester. withdrawing is better than a F right?


Where do you live man? I was kinda in your position when I first started going to college. minus the whole crazy parents thing.

You mentioned you have a therapist, but have you been diagnosed by a qualified professional? Self-diagnosis can be a form of self-sabotage.

Part of being a capable and productive individual in tech is the ability to work with others. College/University is where you end up developing some of those social skills, both in a formal and informal setting. It’s also a chance to meet friends, since it’s more likely there’s people there with similar interests, but it might take time to get to know people.

Related to that there’s a pair of very popular posts on medium right now about this guy Rick who was this startups top talent and how firing him was the best decision they ever made, and the other about how not managing the talent better is the worst decision ever. Universities when you go to study CS or SWE will teach you some of that these days.

IMHO experience>>university>certs in terms of skill and capacity they give you, but certs make it much easier in to a low paying job and with it some cash and with it some independence. They’re also easier to get, especially if you’re into pirating learning material, usually if you’re tech savvy and tend to be able to learn on your own pace, it’s not that expensive to obtain certs either if it’s just the exam.

A good route could be to get both certs and a degree

yea thats how i feel…
long term definitely should get a degree.
but a myopic goal is just to get out now…

My situation during college was nearly exactly the same. Raised by psychotic child abusers that never considered what I wanted and forced me to get an engineering degree. I wanted to be an art teacher or architect and tried to get a dual major, but it was too hard. Although I managed to graduate in structural engineering with great effort while fighting mental illness, I was never happy. I did not like engineering school or my career even though I was good at it.

At my last engineering job my boss was awesome. He loved every aspect of engineering and was very wise. One day he told me “If you choose a career that you love, you will never work a day in your life.” I realized he was right. I left engineering to finish a degree in art, specifically graphic design and combined my engineering problem solving abilities with art to solve visual problems.

Don’t waste your life doing what you don’t like or what your parents expect. They sound toxic and to be blunt you should tell them “It’s my life, I’m going to do what I want.” Chase your dreams.

Please don’t quit college, find something you enjoy studying and it wont be as hard.
Good Luck. You can do it.

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Searching around the forums as I am split myself (in regards to a masters I’m in), so reading these threads for advice (thanks OP).

But to drop off 2 cents, IMO stick it out for a 4 year degree. I have a 4 year degree in basket weaving but its worth it, its kind of the new high school diploma. Yes there are those outliers that do great and dropped out of high school etc, but generally speaking, a degree is important.

My dilemma was being in my second semester of a masters. Thats where my tolerance to bull sh*t classes ran out. To the OP, I TOTALLY FEEL YOU ON having to take a class that is super hard for you and not really relevant to the main studies. But i reiterate my point, for the sake of a BS/BA, PUSH THROUGH IT. I thought once I got into a masters program that crap was in the past, but I was solely mistaken. Here is where I’ll be a hypocrite as I can’t take one more non-relevant fluff course in a masters setting, so I’m dropping out as I already have 5 years in the industry and a BS, so I do not see a cost vs. rewards working out vs. just getting certs.

Like @RotaryWombat put, experience > certs > homegrown experience > degree. A data center / IT guru that I have had the greatest honor of working with and is by far the best and most inspirational person I’ve met in the industry didn’t have a degree- buuuut the caveats I have is that things such as government or government contractor jobs have an HR department that calls out the shots, and sometimes a degree is mandatory- also it will automagically put you in a higher pay bracket, so thats why I say get the 4 year. Him not having a degree put a glass ceiling on his earnings potential, and you have to be God’s gift to IT to have what departments did for him to get past HR degree requirements. But for those interested in cyber masters, IMO its A LOT of fluff (at least PSU). I got accepted to a CCNA Cyber Ops cohort and just a few chapters in I’m so blown away at the quality vs. PSU, dropping PSU and sticking to certs.

If I was aiming for the management track, then I would stick it out in the masters program, grinding my teeth knowing the whole time its a fluff piece of paper, but needed to compete with all the other wanna-be managers. Wanting to stay on the SME / tech side, its not needed. But in general IMO a 4 year degree is pretty much necessary most anywhere you go.

Trov notes: IMO stay in school kids- till you get that BS. After that, move on smartly unless you really really feel a masters carries a lot of value for your career path.

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