Dropping out of college and going for certs? crippling derperssion

Lately im finding college is too intense for me. I wasnt even supposed to graduate high school (to be where i am without assistance is considered autistic savant).
Got straight A’s for two semesters straight and was going for an associates. High Honor society student
alot of shit is going down lately and depression is intensifying
Cannot (CANNOT) pass an english course for my life.
Sitting for 90 mins to learn 5 mins of information doesn’t seem like a good investment of time.
My mother smoked while pregnant,I have autism, extreme major depression, lifelong dysphoria and as a result MPD from catholic helicopter parents (the kind that will circle the parking lot for the entire movie) who kept me socially isolated and controlled for most my life.
therapist agrees they are insane.
therapist agrees they are insane. 2x for emphasis

my mom has extreme mental issues and since religion is a major thing, mental illness is not in the bible

to cut it short, would it be easier to skip to certs?
time is a real issue im loosing hope fast.

motivate me.


actual job experience(paid or otherwise) > certs > experience in the field outside of work >>>> degree/diploma


need experience to get job. need job to get experience.
there has to be someway to exploit this cyclical recursion.


internship/volunteer work. While certs help, without the actual background experience it might not matter. Work on certs and at the same time try to get internship at some companies IT department. Even if its garbage, at least you get some experience and professional credentials

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Thats what i was going for initially.
Thats difficult to convince my parents…
having my parents, that shit dont fly you gotta go to college and get a degree
obey the patriachy.

If youve got a friend, move in with them for a few months. If youve got at least sdome savings, move in with a roommate. Hell, even go homeless for a bit if you really must. Once you get out of the parental thing you’ll be free to do whatever.

Step one is to move out. Literally nothing will be accomplished while youre being monitored and held down by someone. You dont need to go far, you just need to get far enough where they cant do anything anymore. Once youve overcome that massive hurdle, then just volunteer at some IT department to learn, find some old dumpster PC’s and train yourself, and work on certs slowly at the same time.

Once youre independent, you can finally do what you want and pursue things properly. You can talk to whoever and start to network with other people, which will open more doors for yourself and you might end up somewhere completely different.

Thats my honest heart to heart advice. Fix the foundation before building a new house.

Also just as a side note, dont go into IT unless its something you actually like doing and its something you actually know about. If you’re just hoping youll get a quick and easy buck then i guarantee you’ll very quickly be disappointed. Not trying to be rude or anything, its just how it is. Theres also a lot of responsibility in that. Any minor IT fuck up can easily lead to the next equifax data breach and that weight will be carried by you to the next job, assuming the previous employer would actually say any good things.

Degrees are for the sole purpose to weed people of the process since companies don’t want to waste time searching for good dedicated employees.

certs will , solely, not get you the job, at least in the IT field. Maybe consider a trade school? Many place will auto-reject for having anything less than a bachelors.

Certs should be used to enhance your resume in conjunction with a degree, if you really want to stand out from the crowd. However, they can be quite expensive so only get them when relevant.

If you want to get a good job, you will need to network. All the good jobs with fair pay and decent hours are very hard to get and quite often its “who you know” to get you in the door, provided you at least meet their criteria.

Firts i really apreciate your support.

reasonably accomplishable, got a couple g’s

sadly might actually be easier

you have no idea how clumsy fucking retarded they are… the kind that demonize things they cannot comprehend bitcoin is lucifer.

definitely networking… but if i have to start off in a shop charging people to teach them how to attach a file to a webclient email… i guess well whatever. i felt sick doing that at a shop.

DrunkbyDefault you have to motivate yourself. This world will quite often do you no favors. Now like someone else said it often is who you know that helps. Also quite frankly you can take a break from education and go back to it. Nowhere does it say you can’t learn at any point in time in life. In regards to your parents it sounds like they are a cancer to you and so with you admittedly having disabilities of some sort I assume you can get on some sort of assistance and also get a part time job and live on your own and sort things out and then get back into school. In regards to certification it only matters if it comes from a recognized institution. Anyway best of luck.

If networking is your thing then koodos to you dude. I dont want to put you down, i just want to give genuine advice.

Keep your networking goal in mind and use it as the motivation to gtfo from that household by any means necassary. Rooming with strangers, living with friend, going homeless, or even random tbus/train/plane to anywhere, ill leave that up to you, but right now your biggest mountain is the household. Do that first and the rest will become much easier after.

@IBMods is right, you can always go back to school later. If your parents are putting you down then theyve gotta go. Its possible that your schooling isnt going well because of their helicopter attitude. Maybe you’ll do better once you’ve got no stress on your back.


  1. get out of the house. I cant stress enough how important this step is
  2. establish at least a basic independent life that ensures parents have 0 control over it
  3. start working on both self-training, on certs, and on getting some sort of position, even if its unpaid. the employer reference will be extremely beneficial. Volunteer, look into other countries, find your own hustle and go with it
  4. once youve done enough of that and you feel ready, try applying to actual jobs. Cast a very wide net. hour travel? no problem. new city? move if its worth it. new country? same deal. Do what you must as long as its yourself doing it and not someone else
  5. ???
  6. eventually profit one way or another

everything else you’ll figure out along the way.

Take this advice with a grain of salt as always, everyones hustle is unique

for real…
its definitely difficult to make friends when they track your phone calls and location and call those numbers.

even rooted my phone… but the locator uses cell tower triangulation

holy fuck thats an understatement…

ever get crippling depression to the point where you pass that state of crying, loose interest in everything (anhedonia, lifelong dysphoria) and the feeling gets so intense you start choking internally? after that you pretty much lose your sense of self, cannot physically move your body because your mind is so dissociative (any minor feeling of content triggers you). most people with major depression commit suicide after 3 months let alone a recognizable lifetime…

Here might be your doorway. give it a shot

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better pack my bags and sachel them up to my 50cc honda ruckus. cant go far without a fucking license plate in CT. and no insurance… and dying brakes, and pancaked tread

whatever it takes man, ill let you figure out a way out. Dont need to travel far really, just enough where they cant come and mess things up

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they will literally call the cops claim im schizo suicidal and put a missing person alert nationwide.
no joke
its fucking insane.

i tried getting laid one time and my dad would just stare at my gf with holloweyes -he would get drunk intentionally just so he couldnt drive and id sit right where i am now and stare at the wall

at that point ill just throw acid on my face to burn the skin so i dont look like me

irl elliot alderson

talk to the cops about that and see if you can tell them about your situation and see if they can help you somehow, maybe let them know to ignore any missing persons requests filed by your parents. You can look into restraining orders as well though this may be costly.

Im no expert on these and i live outside usa so take my advice with some salt. ive thankfully never had to do these but i’d imagine at least one of these should do something

If youre over 18 you can voluntarily leave and if they find you, you can just tell them you willfully left an abusive household and will not return.

Once youre legally an adult and you leave the household, they really cant do much about it. Once you leave you technically have no reason to ever look back or interact with them ever again

i wish i did this years ago…

my midterm was due at 12am so this decision is definite now.

never too late my dude. Just pack your shit, get all your cash, documents and valuables, get some cheapo laptop off craigslist that your parents havemnt touched and then just walk out in the middle of the night and never look back.

Only thing stopping you is yourself

As shitty as USA might be, the thing its good at is letting people build their own life. Take advantage of that, youve got a massive country to find a new home

fucking have my passport, birth certificate and social security card.
my check goes into a bank account with his name on it