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Drop Shift Mechanical Keyboard Barebones & Gateron Low-Profile Mechanical Switches?

is the Drop Shift Mechanical Keyboard Barebones compatible Gateron Low-Profile Mechanical Switches ?

If you use low-profile keycaps, probably, don’t quote me on that. If you don’t use LP caps, you will probably bottom out the cap on the plate before the switch actuates.

iv got some low profile caps to us i just want to make sure the low profile gaterons will work with the swift

In theory. Check with some of the dedicated forums and discord servers on mech keyboards. they’ll tell you real quick.


The biggest is While full of information, there is also a ton of snobbery.

It is not.

The pins on the Gateron low profile switches are in a different location than standard mechanical switches and thus won’t fit.


What @w.meri said. The low profile switches are completely different and need different PCB layouts, cases and caps and all sorts.

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i sort of noticed that but did know for sure , thanks for confirming