Drobo sized 4/5 bay DAS that doesn't suck?

I got a drobo 4 bay USB3 unit some time ago pretty cheap as busted doa unit (spoiler it isn’t broke) got my monies worth but, BOY is it slow. i have 2x 12tb SeaGate irons wolfs and some mismatched WD purples 4/5TBs. i do have 2 WD 10TB drives sitting around. none of my stuff matches.

However i want a USB3 DAS to hook to my mini server but, there is NARY A SINGLE CENTIMETER to spare on width of my unit

I may have to shell out $$$ for another 2 matching drives or matching sized drives but, is there anything else i can get that’s actually fast?

From what i can see the Drobo has anemic hardware even with SSD caching. This bad boi right here can top 30 MB/s!!! Woo …yeah and with 10G uplinks on the netgear i was wondering just how fast i get? it would be cool to use it as mapped drive for the PCs in the house.

Am i asking for something like this? https://www.amazon.com/Mediasonic-HFR2-SU3S2-PRORAID-Drive-Enclosure/dp/B003YFHEAC/

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