Driver problem

I have a new pc that my friend built and the installation went well but when i install the drivers from the asus website for the graphics card (asus radeon 7850 cu2) and after its installed, the computer just shuts down for no reason like a blue screen but the thing is that it's the only driver available. It worked with the cd but i have no idea why it doesnt work with the driver. could someone tell me why?

There are tons of issues with the 7850 and 7870s.  Blue sceens, black screens, etc.  It's possible this is just a hardware defect.

I'm running a Sapphire 7870 GHz Edition, which is apparently plagued with the black screen issue.  Luckily I think I got a good card, no issues yet.  

But I'd suggest trying the card in another PC just to verify

Also, I would try reinstalling windows and only using the drivers from AMD not asus's site. I had a similar problem with a 560ti from Asus. They were using outdated drivers.

But how come it works with the cd that came with it? And also a lot of people told me not to install drivers from the cd that comes with gpu and motherboards and get the leatest from the manifacturer's website but does it really matter if you have an outdated driver?

in this case, actually ALL gpu's you should get the drivers from the chip manufructerer's website, so if you have Nvidia, get it from if you have AMD get them here: (top left corner, hover over "drivers" and select your GPU and OS.

never get them from the "branders" so to say... (ASUS , MSI, Sapphire, XFX etc.)