Driver issues (Chipset?)

I don't like to keep posting topics on here but inevitable I am constantly having issues. I am near just re-installing my OS and starting over but really grudge doing so. Seems I have some driver issues among other things. To start with my video wasn't working properly so I was trying to make sure all my drivers were up to date not sure if I am suppose to get the chipset from my motherboard site or AMD at first I grabbed it from the mobo site and then it seemed to make more sense to me to grab it from AMD after installing AMDs (newer) my audio has been disabled. Nothing really shows under device manager but from the taskbar it has a red X over it. It also doesn't work in linux distros I have on pc. tried reinstalling audio drivers from mobo site, realtek site, using MicrosoftFixit.AudioPlayback.RNP, redoing chipset drivers, and system restores to no avail. I am paranoid that if I go and reinstall everything I am going to end up with the same issues. No viruses are read to be on the pc, I've used driversweeper, CCC un-instaler, RegCurePro and a few other things here and there I don'tr know if they've created this issue or what.


Mobo DL:


Topic with other issues:

Well if it doesnt work in linux aswell.... I don't think its software related ... and if its hw related, only thing you can do is RMA

I think there was something about an issue where it advised me to disable the audio when I updated the chipset but I can't remember I spend so much time on here going back and forth usually end up rather tired. (Just know it was working till the other chipset instal so figured it was software)


Oh, I am sorry, I didn't read that part. Man, that sounds frustrating... I'll check if I can find anything useful.

What devices are listed now in 'playback devices' in windows? also list the disabled ones if you plz.

Sorry I got it. I meant to check the other day. They were disabled in BIOS. Just a headache and I can't keep my priorities straight. Now to fix everything I messed up with the system restore :(

well thats good news nonetheless :)

Right and TY. Half feel obligated to go back to all the forums I saw with simular issues and post but I am not going to make 300 accounts lol