Drive usage suggestions for TrueNAS with 2x Optane, 4x SSD, 5x HDD

New to this forum, but old to PC building, but new to home server building… Found my way here thanks to Wendell’s excellent Optane videos, just as I was thinking of making my own home TrueNAS server. And I thought I’d pick y’all’s brains about what I’m planning:

So, I’m building a home server mainly accessed over SMB - primarily weekly backups of the home computers (Windows, Mac), storing phone/camera pictures and videos, and assorted media. Looking to “upgrade” from a directly-attached Stablebit Drivepool to a network-attached TrueNAS.

I have the following drives and am wondering how to best make use of them (and my tentative use cases for each):

Drives Use case
2x Intel Optane P1600X 118GB NVMe SSDs ZFS Metadata Special Device?
4x Samsung 860 Pro 256GB 2.5" SSDs one for boot, one for L2ARC, and two in mirror for a fast pool?
5x WD Red Plus 8TB 3.5" HDDs main data pool in raidz1 (backed up so no need for raidz2)

Does this sound like a plan? I have 32GB of RAM, enough ports for all 9 SATA drives thanks to an LSI HBA card (just managed to stuff everything into a tiny Jonsbo N1 case lol), and a 2.5G home network.

Other hardware:

  • Motherboard : ASRock Z690M-ITX/AX
  • CPU : Intel Core i5-12400
  • HBA : LSI 9211-8i 6G SAS HBA
  • LAN : Realtek RTL8125BG 2.5G (built-in to MB)

(Also trying to decide between Core for raidz1 write performance and Scale for all the other cool things it can do; but still got more reading to do on that decision, and I know next-to-nothing about containers.)

4x Samsung 860 Pro 256GB 2.5" SSDs
Boot drive OK, L2ARC probably fine (since it’s not too big I guess? remember metadata for those data block in L2ARC is still in RAM), What do you need a fast pool for ?_?

2x Intel Optane P1600X 118GB NVMe SSDs
Have you measured the performance first? Does your workload require fast metadata reading? Do you have workload using enough sync write that might have performance benefit if you add some SSD as SLOG?