Drive ownership and launching games

So on my ongoing journey to learn how to use Linux I decided to wack a few games on a pop laptop.

Although some work, with others I either find they fail to launch with no indication why (from steam and minigalaxy) and a few further from steam give the error: “steam error missing executable”

A few people have suggested this may be a permit issue but all the games are -rwxrwxr-x

so the next suggestion was drive access. The games are installed on the one drive i have in the system (obviously used for boot too)

Now here is where my ignorance may bite me in the bum. I found the option to “Take ownership” presumably by my user account of /dev/data/root

Is this a monumentally stupid idea, and if so why?

i haven’t encountered such an issue with gaming on linux, but i don’t use PopOS. where are your steam games installed? should be something like ~/SteamLibrary or something. if you go into steam, and then your library, and click on the game so that the page opens, then on the right side is a gear icon, click that and go to properties, on the left of that screen find local files, and then click browse. it will open a file manager window to that directory.

They are loaded from that partition of the main drive (Boot/OS drive)

that is fine, however you should only need to worry about the actual steam files. just doing like you asked could break things, but i can’t give a definitive yes/no on that. if you actually DO have a permissions issue it would be in the steam game files, and you would “reclaim ownership” in the directory that opens following the steps i listed above.

Checking the files of the game and of steam I (The user) am the owner so that is not it unfortunately.

have you checked the protondb page for the ones that fail to launch?

We might not be able to help, but if you lost a list, or a couple, perhaps someone might have found it, or later stumble upon it from the internet

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If this is a permissions/mounting issue, can you post the output of mount, ls -lah /mnt, ls -lah /media/${USER}/, and cat /etc/fstab? I’m not sure what the “Take Ownership…” button does, but can you run ls -lah /dev/data/root?

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